BA Kers & Taart


Everybody altogether, okay? One…two…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! (Or lang zal ze leven, if you are so inclined). Happy Birthday De Molen! Our 20th anniversary gift (so nice to give something to all their friends on their special day!) is not one, not two, but four special celebration beers this year!

Number one is only fitting as the start: Kers & Taart (Cherry & Cake) which promises to be more than the sum of its parts- and it definitely sums up our beloved brewery’s philosophy to a tee- filled with unexpectedly magical combinations. So, behold- a sour cherry cake pastry stout on whiskey barrels. Better than cake? An impossibility, but I can hope.

My initial thought is ‘wow this smells boozy!’. Very bourbon-heavy with its inherent sweetness, and a tinge of the cherry juiciness. Tasting it- this is a Black Forest gateau to put all others to shame- it’s punching well above its weight flavour-wise! It is intensely, densely chocolatey with the sour cherry coming through as pure jamminess which contrast but work well against the effervescent texture and fizz we get in the midtaste. The chocolate runs throughout but lattery transform into something more earthy and coffee-like before we get the spicy whiskey burn on the tongue and into the aftertaste.

As someone who often finds pastry stouts very cloying and icing sugar-y I am thrilled (if not surprised - it is De Molen, after all) by how good this is. It’s rich, layered and has a thick body which briefly reads syrupy when the cherry jamminess comes in- I assume from the oat flakes. The vanilla and marshmallows (yes! marshmallows!) act as a filling background providing sweetness to the cacao, but they aren’t forward or overwhelming. The sour cherries, too, help balance this- it’s not so sour you will pucker, just enough that you will be pleasantly intrigued sip after sip. So, guys, what’s next? I don’t think I’ll be alone in wondering how you could top this! 

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